#Agriculture OR Books

Operational Research in Agriculture

Prominent Text Books

  • Farm Planning and Control | Industrial Economics | Cambridge University Press
    A comprehensive treatment of farm business and control, with many examples drawn from farming practice. Although there are many motives for farming, the achievement of a worthwhile financial return, coupled with a good standard of living, ranks high among them. This implies the need for sound business organisation – the more so as holdings become larger, ...
  • Handbook of Operations Research in Natural Resources | Andres Weintraub | Springer
    Natural resources has been an application in numerous Operations Research papers; however, there have been few, if any, books that organizes and discusses the OR models in this area   Andrés Weintraub is the very top person in Natural Resource research. Moreover, he has an international reputation in OR and a former president of the International Federation ...
  • Handbook of Operations Research in Agriculture and the Agri Food Industry| Lluis M. Plà-Aragonés
    This book is intended to collect in one volume high quality chapters on Methods and Applications in #Agriculture and #Agri-food industry considering both theoretical issues and application results. Methods applied to problems in agriculture and the agri-food industry include, but are not restricted to, the following themes:   Each chapter includes some standard and traditional methodology but ...
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